"Burke Bryant is a brilliant storyteller. His ability to thrill, captivate, and eviscerate with his storytelling are the hallmarks of a great writer." 
-multi award -winning and bestselling author Lindy Ryan




Written by Burke Bryant


  When a nine-year-old boy makes a horrifying discovery in the pond behind his house, things in his life go from bad to worse. He can’t tell anyone about what he’s found—not his father, his mother, or even his little sister. Neither can he share how he feels, because the thing floating in the pond is more than just terrible. It’s curious, and disgusting, and wonderful.

The boy’s quest to solve the mystery of the thing in the pond forces him to acknowledge the darkness looming under the surface of his broken home—his father’s alcoholism, the men his mother brings into her bedroom, his younger sister’s strange behaviors. His only comfort is the company of a stray dog he calls Goldie, and in the perfect family he observes in secret. But when his father abandons the boy and his sister, the boy must come to understand who his mother truly is, because in this revelation he will also discover who he and his sister are destined to become.

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A Novella Series - Book 1
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   When a member of a private research team deep in the Nicaraguan jungles succumbs to an unknown contaminant, team leader Donovan Rake is desperate to find help in the villages along the El Desaguadero River. A mass grave, a blind child, and the sole survivor of a mysterious plane crash all add to Donovan’s mounting suspicions as he and his team fight to survive the perilous climate and an unknown killer.

After a team member succumbs to a fatal respiratory infection, Donovan Rake is forced to sail his research team upriver through dense Nicaraguan jungle in search of help. Instead of medicine, they find a deserted village still-smoldering from the fire of a mass grave and one survivor: a young blind girl too in shock to explain what’s happened to her people. Down one man and with a vessel unfit for sailing, the team sets out on foot with the girl in tow. A plane crash in the middle of the night sends Donovan and his team to investigate another horrific scene where again they find only one survivor—a Nicaraguan woman named Nadia.

When a survivor of the blind girl’s village is the next to perish, Donovan’s suspicions about Nadia demand answers. A search through her belongings exposes the last thing he expected—a file on something called Crow, a suspected terrorist organization. But when Donovan confronts Nadia and demands to know who she is and what she knows, Nadia has a question of her own: who is he, and what was he doing so deep in the Nicaraguan jungle?

S1 EP2: El Desaguadero River, Nicaragua  - Book 1 of 3

   "Just wow! It's been a long time since something
grabbed me like this. From the first page to the last,
I was captivated. Amazing." - Mikalea J.
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The Complete First Season 


Each of the stories in this series is a stand-alone in the Black Mariah Shared World, a collaborative effort by authors from all across the globe whose characters react and respond to the same events, but in their own unique ways. Each story takes the reader on a journey of one of these characters, allowing for multiple perspectives to unfold. The only thing these characters have in common is that they survived Wave One. But will they survive what’s to come?


This collection includes all TEN novellas

• Morris, Indiana by Marie D. Jones

• El Desaguadero River, Nicaragua by Burke Bryant

• Juneau, Alaska by Lindy Ryan

• San Antonio, Texas by Eva Pohler

• Las Vegas by Mercedes M. Yardley

• Tandragee, North Ireland by Julieanne Lynch

• Hanau, Germany by Dorothy Dreyer

• Victoria West, Northern Cape, South Africa by Monique Snyman

• Changi, Singapore by Pearry Teo & Lindy Ryan

• Jasper, Indiana by Marie D. Jones

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